Strawberries and Angel Food Cake

One of Jeff’s favorites is Angel Food Cake with strawberries inside. Marlys made this for him several times. After cooking the Angel Food Cake, she would cut a cylinder out between the tube and the outside of the cake, and stuff it with strawberries, then seal it and coat the top with Cool Whip.
Angel Food Cake etc 013

I have made this for Jeff a couple times; I use Creme Chantilly instead of Cool Whip. I decided to try making it a little different this time.

Strawberries and Angel Food Cake

  • 1 Angel Food Cake mix
  • 2 recipes of Strawberry Sauce (Save out about 6 perfect strawberries)
  • 2 recipes of Creme Chantilly

Make the Angel Food Cake a day ahead so it is good and cooled before starting to carve it. Don’t make it too far ahead of time because I think it settles. I made it 48 hours ahead of time, and it appears smaller now.

Angel Food Cake etc 003

Carve the Angel Food Cake so as to remove all the cake from about the center of the distance between the tube and the outer edge. Save these cake pieces as they will be used as a bottom and layers.

Angel Food Cake etc 005

Fit several of the saved pieces of cake into the bottom of the remaining cylinder of cake. Spread some Creme Chantilly over those cake pieces to make a better bottom in the cavity. Place Strawberry Sauce in the cavity on top of the new bottom. Try to not use too much juice; the extra juice will be used as a glaze on the original cake section.

Repeat putting saved cake pieces into the cavity and then adding Creme Chantilly and finally Strawberry Sauce. I got two layers of Strawberry Sauce.

Angel Food Cake etc 010

Poke with a knife all over the top of the original cake and slowly spoon the remaining juice of the Strawberry Sauce over the original cake and let it sink into the cake.

Now use the remaining Creme Chantilly ice the top of the cake. And finally place the 6 saved perfect strawberries on top in a nice circle.

Angel Food Cake etc 013

The cake mix is fairly explicit about how to mix it up; I used a Betty Crocker mix, and it gives times for mixing at two different speeds. Then it gets wishy-washy on the time to cook the cake; mine came out a little dark on top, which I hide with the Creme Chantilly icing.
Angel Food Cake etc 002
And after all that, I am not certain but that taking a cylinder of cake from the middle- between the tube and the edge of the cake- doesn’t make for a better cake. It seems to ensure that each slice gets strawberries, whereas I saw several people take slices of this cake without getting the strawberries in the center- they cut their wedge too short and didn’t go all the way to the center.

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