My Pudding Pail

A while ago, I published a recipe for Steamed Bread Pudding. We made it in a metal can and if the can didn’t have a tight fitting lid, we tie a couple layers of foil on the top to seal the can. The other day, my sister Ann sent me a genuine pudding pail! It is metal with a tight fitting lid; the lid has hold-downs welded onto the sides of the pail. The pail also has a tube up the center so the pudding can get heat in its center as it cooks.
pudding pail 002

I thought that I was visiting a time of the past with the idea of Steamed Bread Pudding. I have an old Good Housekeeping Cook Book that was Marlys’s Mother’s, and has a copyright date of 1944. In it, I found several recipes for Steamed Puddings. (None for our Bread Pudding). So, I wondered if there was a recipe for Steamed Figgy Pudding for the holidays, and indeed, the Internet came up with several, and with pudding pails! You can buy new pudding pails and make these old recipes! (Look for “pudding mold”).

Today, I made a recipe of Steamed Bread Pudding. The pail is rated as 5 cup, but I measured it and it was a good 2 quart so I figure that the rating is such as to allow the pudding’s expansion. And, if this works, I am going to be looking at some of the other pudding recipes in the cook book- there is one for “Steamed Chocolate Pudding” that especially interests me.

I guess the past is never completely past; the internet is alive with recipes that I thought were passe after the late 1940s. And you can even buy the special hardware that was used back then if you don’t want to use a substitute such as a tin can. But then again, big tin cans are becoming hard to find.

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