More Pull-Apart Cakes

For our Thanksgiving meal, I was to make a couple pies and a side casserole. What I did there will have to wait for another article. In this article, I want to show a couple pull-apart cakes I also took to Thanksgiving.

As I was doing the pies, it dawned on me that the young children really like cupcakes. They can hold them in their hands and when decorated, they are fun. So I started planning to do a pull-apart set of cupcakes with an overall frosting. I remembered how the young ones almost fought over who got the eyeballs from the turtle I had made with the birthday cake.

turkey 002

I decided I wanted to do a “crazy looking” turkey as the overall design. The other day I saw a yard in the neighborhood that was decorated with large balloon turkeys and that became my starting point. But try as a would, it took 13 cupcakes; I would need to make two batches! and then I would have 11 left over!

So while I was planning the turkey, I decided I could make the little one-eyed green guy from Monsters, Inc. And that is what I planned.

pullApart 001

This big monster only took 7 cupcakes, and so I decided to transform the last four cupcakes into individual green guys.

individual 002

I ran into a couple problems that I need to mention. First, while at birthday time I used a half recipe of Kentucky Chocolate cake to make 12 cupcakes, this time I made a full recipe expecting to get all 24 cupcakes from it; it didn’t happen. For some reason- I filled them too full?- I got only about 12 from a recipe, and I had to make a second recipe to get my needed 24 cupcakes. Second, I tried to glaze the first batch of cupcakes just as the recipe says. What a mess, because there are no sides of the pan to hold the glaze on! And then, the glaze gets in the way. I was not able to push the cupcakes together close enough, and there were big gaps at spots. Finally, since we are frosting the cupcakes, the glaze gets in the way of the frosting. I noticed as the people were eating the cupcakes from the big monster, the frosting was staying as a tent and the cupcakes they were taking were sliding out from under the frosting. So, don’t glaze the cupcakes if you are going to frost them!

The frosting on the turkey is all the Basic Cream Cheese Frosting which I found spreads so nicely. I did cheat on the band of the hat; I had blue Royal Icing that I decided to use rather than creating another color of the frosting. For the monsters, I used both frosting and icing. The arms and ears are icing and the face, eyes and mouth are all Basic Frosting thinned down enough to pipe.

Oh yes, and I noticed at our Thanksgiving meal that the women were eating cupcakes instead of the pies. I am certainly glad I decided to make the pull-aparts.

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