Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Again, I have borrowed an idea from someone else and messed up in a couple ways. The idea of making Christmas Trees from cupcakes comes from this website: Christmas Trees. Here are my versions of the trees.

trees 018

I messed up in a couple ways, but mostly from not following directions. I started by making my Kentucky Chocolate Cake into the cupcakes, and from experience, that turned out okay. Then, I made my own butter-cream frosting and frosted the cupcakes to be the snow, and stuck the sugar cones into the frosting. I was surprised that these were more stable than I had imagined; I had thought I would have trouble keeping them upright.

trees 016

Now I messed up; I didn’t add enough powdered sugar to the frosting to make it stiff enough to stay when it was piped. As a result, it slid down the sides of the trees. You can see the lack of definition and puddling in the bright green color. So, I made a new batch of frosting, colored it green with a drop of brown, and made certain it was stiff enough to stay put when it was piped.

trees 009

My non-artistry shows up in my decorating of the trees. I gave each a white star at the top, and then dusted it with the gold disco powder. Then I worked down the sides of the trees. Some I tried to put ropes around, and some I piped stars onto. And one, I even patiently passed those little decorations you buy in the bottles at the store; my patients wore out after doing one tree.

trees 007

I think the directions on the website are very good; while they buy Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting, that would be an easy way to go if you don’t want to make mistakes like I did, and you want the basic trees ready to decorate.

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