Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

For Valentine’s Day, I distributed cupcakes. Not just ordinary cupcakes, but filled cupcakes. I made two different recipes of cupcakes; a chocolate recipe and a white cake recipe. Each recipe gave me 24 cupcakes for a total of 48. Then, because some people think cupcakes are a dry cake, and not very tasty after you eat the frosting off, I decided to fill the cupcakes to make the dough tastier. I ended up filling the white cake ones with chocolate ganache, and the chocolate cupcakes with creme patissiere. (There are a bunch of those marks over the vowels in creme patissiere, but they are difficult to put there; think of it as pastry cream which is a custard filling). This photo shows my test cupcakes before I used the chocolate ganache or creme patissiere and used some existing buttercream frosting both as the filling and as the pink frosting. I mixed some red frosting for the final assembly.

filled 011

There is really no trick about the filling of the cupcakes. You use a knife to cut a lid off the cupcake. Insert the knife at a 45 degree angle and rotate around the cupcake. When you lift the lid off, cut the point of the cone away as scraps. I also did a little digging of the center of the cupcake with the lid off to make the space bigger. Then you put the filling in that open space and put the remaining lid back on; the filling will help keep the lid in place.

I piped the frosting with a #2D tip; this is a very large star tip that requires the special large coupler on the bag. The design is created by starting with a star in the center, and then creating a spiral around the center until the top of the cake is filled. You can see the difference the large #2D tip made compared with the pink frosting on my test cupcakes which used a smaller #21 piping tip.

filled 013

I thought that the frosting might cover the cupcakes to the point that one would not be able to tell whether the cupcake was a white cake or a chocolate cupcake. So I planned ahead and created the purple drop flowers with brown and white centers. Then at the end of each spiral of frosting I placed one of the dried drop flowers to indicate the cake type. These big drop flowers were also made with the #2d piping tip. I wanted them big and bold.

I hope this gives you some ideas for moving forward with cupcakes that you might make. I note on the internet that lots of people are now doing filled cupcakes, and even the top frosting design is starting to be common; I saw it referred to as a rose on one site.

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