Salted Caramel Cookies

A few weeks ago, I was at my favorite bake shop – Blake’s Decorette Shop– looking for chocolate and molds in order to make Easter bunnies. I mean, what is Easter without a chocolate rabbit from which to bite the ears? Anyway, in looking at the various types of chocolate, I happened to see a bin that said “Sea Salt Caramel Wafers”. I know how great Salted Caramel tastes; when Mindy and I go to Molly Moons for ice cream, we often have some salted caramel. So, I bought a package. At that time, I didn’t have any idea about how I would use it.

bonbons 003

So, this week I decided to put the salted caramel into cookies. I decided it should go into two different kinds of cookies- Bon Bons, and Chocolate Chip cookies. And I have just finished that exercise and have to say that it really puts a new flavor pallet on those cookies.

The Bon Bon cookies were quite simple to change to use the wafers instead of the candy kiss. I put two wafers in each ball, and the operation was no different than wrapping the dough around the candy kiss. Because the dough has so much nut flour in it, it is easy to handle.

choc chip 003

I can’t say the same for the chocolate chip cookies; I think I have said before that the Toll House cookie recipe is my favorite, and that is what I used this time. The dough is quite sticky, and you need to work around the chocolate chips and chopped nuts. I increased the size of the scoop/disher I was using to try to add more dough and help me seal the two salted caramel wafers inside the cookie. I tried to do an operation similar to wrapping the Bon Bon dough around the wafers. I have since read that you might make two small balls of the dough – about 1 Tablespoon each- and then squeeze the wafers between the two balls. I have also had a suggestion that refrigerating the dough for a while before working with it might make it less sticky. Again, I did not try that this time.

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