My Seattle Trip

As usual, I went to Seattle to help daughter Mindy celebrate her birthday. This year was a little different; Mindy told me NOT to make a cake for her, and since I would not be transporting a cake, we decided that I should take the train past Seattle to Edmonds instead of driving. It was a test to see if she could find the Edmonds depot, and how I felt about riding the train. In the past, we used the train quite often going into King Street Station, but since Mindy has moved up to Shoreline, it is a goodly distance back down into Seattle to that depot.

When I arrived, Mindy had finished cooking a couple types of pan cookies that she had wanted to try- Slutty Brownies and Smores. I will be working on those recipes in the future after I finish getting caught up on all the blogs I have stacked up on my table right now. When Mindy and I get together we like to explore restaurants and food. Often, like this time, we went back to some of the places we had liked before.

We have a couple breakfast places we enjoy and to which we go back- Fat Hen, and Serious Pie. Actually, our Serious Pie is a building on Westlake that contains, in the morning Serious Biscuit. Don’t confuse it with the Serious Pie on Virginia in Belltown. Anyway, these two restaurants and Starbucks get most of our breakfast trade to date. We might try a new place Mindy has found the next time I go.

For supper, we mostly explore new places; the exceptions to that this time was a repeat of La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard, and Purple. We had been to Purple several years ago, but not recently. We were trying to avoid going into Seattle because Bumpershoot was on and that attracts over 100,000 people. So we went out to the Woodenville Purple.

While in the Woodenville area, we stopped by Molbak which is a large garden and home center; we have bought plants there in the past. This time we just looked around. Later we stopped at Swanson’s Nursery in Ballard; I really liked its selection of plants and next spring I will probably drive up to see Mindy just so I have the car in which to shop at Swanson’s and bring stuff home.

Mindy found a new restauranteer in Seattle- Ethan Stowell. We tried two of his restaurants- Red Cow in the Madrona neighborhood, and the Ballard Pizza Company. He must have more than a dozen restaurants. Red Cow is a steak house.

No food pictures this time. I hope if you are going to Seattle, these short blogs on where Mindy and I have eaten can help you find interesting places for your own meals.


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