Splash- another Pull-Apart cake

Alli had a pool party for her birthday, and I was asked to make another pull-apart cake for it. The specifications were to use regular size cupcakes, the overall shape was to be a star, the cakes were to be chocolate, and the frosting was to be pink and blue. This is what I made.

splash 003

I thought naming the character “Splash” was right in keeping with the theme of a pool party. (There appear to be wrinkles in the covering of the cake board- sorry about that).

Again, the starting point was determining the layout of the cupcakes. I did the initial testing with the men from our Backgammon set; there are 16 of each color so I could definitely test how 25 would go. At that point, I did indeed have 25 pieces in the star shape, although the star wasn’t the perfect straight lines that my engineering mind wanted. I was concerned about the size of the board necessary to hold the star, and after some testing with cupcake papers, decided I needed a 2 foot square, which meant I needed to plan on covering the board for health sake. I ended up with 1/4 inch plywood.

Once I had the layout and base all planned, it was only necessary to decide on the frosting. I decided the pink, if light enough, could be skin and I could make the star into a girl with blue clothes. Once I thought about the pool aspect of the party, I was almost there- the clothes would be a bathing suit. I had to go on-line and check the department stores to determine the form of a young girl’s bathing suit, and when it showed two piece suits, I felt comfortable separating the top from the dress part. Then I had to worry about the face, feet and hands. I decided the feet and hands would be with nail polish and that would be enough. Having made red for those features, I had lipstick for the face. I just needed the eyes. I have been seeing ads on TV for “Manga” eyes which seemed to accent the lashes and dark outlines so I decided to make the figure have what I thought were Manga eyes.

Finally, I decided to put the girl’s hair up in a top-knot to keep it out of the way- of course, this also helped cover that last pointed cupcake at the top of the head.

Around the star I used up the extra cupcakes- both regular size and minis. The red roses on the mini-cupcakes are from a false start I made in planning the clothes for the figure; I felt I wanted to have roses on her clothes, but as I went to the idea of swim wear, there seemed no place for the roses- except to tie up her hair. Having made the roses in advance so they would be dry when I decorated the figure, I had them and no plan for them so when I placed the extra cupcakes around the figure, I decorated the cupcakes with the roses.

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