Grey Griller Summer Squash

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This is a new type of summer squash for me, and I had to experiment with it to find out its good and not-so-good characteristics. It is about the same length as a nice zucchini- 9 inches, but is quite a bit larger around, maybe as much as 4 inches in diameter. Jenn and James are growing them this year and brought me one.

Most summer squash can be easily substituted for one another; the basics seem to be zucchini, and crook-neck squash which gives you the green and yellow for your many dishes. Now, they even have yellow zucchini squash which have the nice characteristic of being fairly even from top to bottom while the yellow crook-neck thin out at the stem end.

What the Grey Griller offers for which the other summer squash are too small around is the ability to make a “burger” and grill it. I have done that a couple times. Because summer squash absorb the flavor of that with which they are cooked, you want to make certain that you are not just grilling the burger, but are adding flavor. I have tried different flavors; one time it was jalapenos and cheese and another time I cooked a few onion rings on the burger. And definitely use the condiments on the cooked burger- catsup, BBQ sauce, whatever your favorite is.

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I would suggest slicing the Griller about 1/2 inch thick, and cooking it for about 3 minutes on a side. I noticed that mine started smoking at about that point, and had nice grill marks.

Not so good- trying to make crisps; the griller seems to hold more water than the squash that are smaller around, and never did crisp up like I wanted.

For me, I will stick with the regular zucchini for my cooking. There are so many recipes that add flavor to them from making them into bread to making them into pasta, or crisps, broiling them, and stuffing them.

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  1. Jennifer Crary-Adams

    We have been using the griller squash in soups and stir fry too. I try to pick them when they are smaller, but they seem to grow full size overnight from little 3 inch babies. We bought the seeds from Territorial Seed company just this year. I like the plants because they aren’t trying to take over the yard like zucchini do with all of the climbers, the Grey Griller plant is bushy. It also seems to not mind being ignored occasionally.


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