Seattle and the Wind Storm

A few months ago, the people of Seattle were getting concerned about the “Really Big One”, an earthquake that would wipe out everything west of Interstate 5. It had been an article in the New Yorker magazine. I tried to focus my daughter’s attention on the fact that most of the problem, if you survived the quake and tsunami, would be the loss of power and roadways; it would take days to restore each of those.

I made a quick trip to Seattle to help daughter Mindy celebrate her birthday. And while I was there- on her birthday no less, the wind blew and took the power out. It went out at about noon on Saturday and didn’t come back on until about 10 PM. After a couple hours in the dark, we went out driving and checked out the terrific wind damage. In one case, we were driving and actually saw a tree come down just a few hundred yards away. Of course, the traffic lights were all out, and many lanes of traffic were blocked by fallen trees, so driving wasn’t a lot of fun either. Going into Seattle later that afternoon, there had been a tree fallen onto the freeway and what was 4 lanes of traffic was reduced to a single lane while they cleaned up that tree.

Last Saturday was a small introduction to how the problems of a quick hitting natural disaster would play out. Once you lose power, you not only are in the dark, but you lose the traffic semiphores, street lamps, and gas pumps. And as a result traffic backs up at major intersections for miles.

I guess we were lucky that the power came on Saturday night; at the train station Monday morning I was hearing people say that their power hadn’t come on until that morning, like 2 AM Monday. Of course, the Comcast cable had also gone out and it hadn’t come back on when I left. (I left early Monday because Mindy had been summoned for Jury duty and had to report at 8 AM Monday).

Even though our weekend will be memorable for the power outage, we were still able to do our foodie thing and visit both some old favorites as well as some new places. Old favorites include Fat Hen for breakfast, and Molly Moon for the ice cream sundaes.

The new places we tried included Bluebird ice cream, where I would say you should try the snickerdoodle ice cream. This little parlor is listed among the 15 best ice cream places in the Seattle area. Actually there are a couple Bluebird parlors in the list, just as there are multiple Molly Moon parlors in the list. We visited the Bluebird that is on Greenwood at 74th.

Mindy likes to explore the various offerings of some chefs such as Tom Douglas and Ethan Stowell. So we visited Cantina Lena and Seatown in the Tom Douglas group, and Goldfinch Tavern in Ethan Stowell’s group. I think I said it more than once that with good restaurants, it is not the food directly that is good, but it is the way the food is seasoned that makes it so good. In all three of these restaurants, that was certainly the case. These restaurants probably are all considered downtown in location. Cantina Lena is on 5th Avenue under the monorail. Seatown is just off Pike and the Pike Market place, and Goldfinch Tavern is in the 4 Seasons hotel.

Finally, we had breakfast one morning at the Bakery Nouveau up on Capitol Hill. They advertise French café fare on the park. There is a second site over is West Seattle. All I can say is that you never knew so many ways to create a quiche or a croissant. I had a Spinach and Feta croissant, and then a Smoked Salmon croissant. I just looked at their web site to see if I could also name what Mindy had, but I didn’t find the names of her croissants. One was with scrambled eggs and bacon. I am certain that we will be returning for additional samplings of their fare.

Even though I made it a short trip so as to interfere neither with Mindy’s work or her call for Jury duty, we still had a good time doing our foodie bit. I also took her a dozen of her favorite Morning Buns, and tastes of several other cake products on which I had been experimenting and perfecting (see Ding Dongs, Black and White Irish Cream cupcakes, and Guinness Gingerbread cupcakes). And I also took her a birthday cake- the Italian Cream Cake– which she says is her favorite.

I’m sorry that I didn’t take photos at the new group of restaurants; I know Mindy did, and I think she places them on Instagram, but being a few generations older, I have no idea how one accesses them. In fact, this dinosaur doesn’t even have a “smart phone” yet so I can only give you Mindy’s link on Instagram.

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