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Epicurean Tours and back to cooking

It has been too long since I have added an article to this web site, so I am covering a couple things all at once. One item is the good restaurants at which my Seattle muse and I have eaten over the last year, and the second item is the recipes on which I have been working.

Let me explain that I had to stop some of my cooking experiments for a long while since I injured a leg and had a hard time standing for more than a few minutes at a time. Actually, before that, I had a scare with my blood glucose level while I was working on the Kouign Aman recipes and eating too many of the mistakes. So I really shut down for most of a year without baking.

This last month my Seattle muse gave me a few ideas for cookies and I know she likes Morning Buns so since I was standing better-(without a cane)- I decided to make her the Morning Buns and some of the cookies she had mentioned to me. The cookies were Kookie Brittle, the Ron Paul Black Angus and the New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies. Neither of those latter two cookie recipes are on this web site just yet; I am having trouble with down loading my camera to the computer and want to get pictures to go with the recipes.

And when we were enjoying the Morning Buns, it occurred to us both that they seemed tight and we would like them to be softer and larger. So I am also experimenting with that idea. My first attempts have proved to be failures. But I have to eat my mistakes before I try again.

Taking my baked goods to Seattle to share with my muse is only the start of our fun when I am there. We also like to eat at different restaurants to see what they are like. I just looked back, and it has been 2 years since I mentioned the restaurants to which we went. I will try to capture some of what I should have mentioned a year ago or so. In general, we are trying to eat at the restaurants of Tom Douglas or of Ethan Stowell. Both these restauranteurs have proven to have multiple, excellent places. We started with Tom Douglas’s places and many are still our favorites. This recent trip had us going back to Catina Lena and Seatown.

Since we eat out every day, we limit ourselves to breakfast and supper, with a few snacks. Most recently for breakfast, I tried to see if any place could do better Eggs Benedict than our favorite Fat Hen. I think a close second would be Petit Toulouse. I also tried them at Salmon Bay and felt it was a good place to repeat for breakfast. I have to admit that at some place where I had eggs benedict, the eggs were over cooked and not runny. I do not remember at this time where that was- maybe Seatown? After a few mornings of eggs benedict, they all start to seem the same. However, we both decided that Fat Hen was the best, but you want to go on a week day and within the first hour after their opening at 8AM or you are going to wait for a table.

For our supper tour, I need to mention only a few places that are worth your time. First, if you want a hamburger, go to a place with the simple name of 8 oz. It beats all of the pub hamburgers we have tried hands down. Most of the places we try are okay, but not home runs. We always seem to get back to Catina Lena for at least one meal; that is a Tom Douglas place. Another Tom Douglas place we totally enjoyed and surprisingly was not overly expensive is The Carlile Room. And a couple Eathan Stowell restaurants we recommend would include Red Cow and Staple & Fancy. Mindy thinks we have never had steak as good as that at Red Cow and we go back there often. Staple & Fancy was a new experience for us and was very interesting. They ave a Chef’s Tasting Menu, which we tried and it must have had a dozen items before it was time to order Pasta and Secundo. It was truly an enjoyable experience.

I think that terminates the epicurean tour of Seattle for this time. I will try to keep better track of the places worth visiting the next time I take the tour which should be in December. Meanwhile, when I solve the camera /computer failure, I will start putting the new cookie recipes, and corrections to old recipes up on the web site.