Epicurean in Sacramento

For Thanksgiving 2017, my Seattle muse and I went to Sacramento California. We drove down on Tuesday, and returned on Friday; that meant we had 3 suppers and 3 breakfasts while in Sacramento. Again, my muse was excellent in picking the spots where we ate.

First, the three supper places.
Cafeteria 15L Tuesday night, we ate at this place. It seemed to be alive with a crowd. The menu was excellent and the food also.
Iron Horse This was our Wednesday evening eating place. It seemed to have the same strong crowd. We had heard that it was owned by the same people as Cafeteria 15L, but I can’s substantiate that. It too, had a good menu and excellent food.
My Nephew & his Wife’s home Thanksgiving supper was at my Nephew’s home. He and is wife did an excellent job of putting all the normal goodies together for an unforgettable meal. There was more than enough food, and all of the favorites. My nephew had smoked both a turkey and a pork butt. Then there were both mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes with marshmallows. And dressing, rolls, and a Brussels sprout salad. For dessert, there were three pies that we had brought as our contribution to the meal.

Before we went to Sacramento, I had emailed and asked if we could contribute something such as dessert, and I was thinking pies that we could pick up on Wednesday while things were still open. There was agreement, and both the suggestion of a place to get the pies and the types that would be liked. The place was a store named Ikedas and we found it in Auburn just east of Sacramento. We ordered and reserved our pies before leaving home. When we got to the store, it was booming with people buying pies. Luckily we had reserved ours.

For Breakfast, we went to the following three places:
Wednesday morning, we went to The Tower which is across from the Zoo. This is an entirely different, eclectic place. There are trees growing around the outside seating. If this is the only place you get to eat, I strongly recommend it both for the food and for the atmosphere.
The Grange I thought Thanksgiving day would be a problem, but my muse came through and found this restaurant open for Breakfast. It is associated with the Citizen Hotel, and across from Cesar Chavez Plaza. Like most hotel restaurants, it has a sense of elegance. It was a very comfortable place to eat and had a nice menu.
Finally, our last morning we ate at The Waffle Experience. This is a chain of restaurants and we wondered what it was like. They use waffles for all sorts of bread items. My Benedict used a waffle for the English muffin, and another item used the waffle for a croissant. We also noticed that they used waffles for the bread in sandwiches- one on top and one on bottom.

Sacramento did not fail us when it came to good eating.

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