I’m Errol Crary from Portland, Oregon, and I started experimenting with my deceased wife’s recipe book and discovered I have a real knack for cooking.Errol Crary

Marlys loved to cook and entertain. She collected a large number of recipes that she used when giving a party. And at Christmas time, she would make cookies and candies and store them in festive cans all around the house. I was lucky to have been able to watch her prepare her recipes, and on occasions, to help. And, of course, I always got to clean up after a party or even after she cooked.

I was never afraid in the kitchen; I just never developed the skills. The first time I was allowed to make carrot sticks, I probably did good to cut once every minute; I was deservedly cautious of the chef knife- it was sharp. I am now quite comfortable with Marlys’s knives.

So, since becoming a widower, I have been learning those things Marlys did not teach me, and using what I saw her do, to cook simple recipes. (I am not entertaining much, so I am not practicing her more complex recipes). I have the wonderful, personal recipe book that Marlys left me, and as I try different recipes and ensure that I can make them, I will add them to this blog- WidowerRecipes.com. Already there have been recipes that I have prepared multiple times trying to get them right. And when I put a recipe up for you, I will also comment about the problems and issues that I had making the recipe; that should help you in your cooking.

I am a nerd, and so I want to know why things happen in the kitchen, and at times, I will discuss what I have learned. I also find that some recipes are stuck in an era before all the newer kitchen appliances were available. I enjoy these old, simple recipes, but I have made changes to some recipes to make them easier now that we have better equipment.

Although these recipes are simple – easy enough for a widower / beginning cook to make – they are still very good. They are so good that if you are invited to dine at a friend’s home, you can provide a dish from this repertoire – appetizer, cookies, candy, cake, pie, or even salad – knowing that it will be very acceptable and enjoyed, and that you can contribute to the meal.

I hope you will try some of these recipes and discover as I have that good food does not require a lot of ingredients, just the right ingredients and an easy recipe – and maybe a few hints or suggestions to light the way to successful cooking.