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Decorative Turkeys for Thanksgiving

turkey 003

I saw these little guys in a video that Giada de Laurentis posted to the Food Network site; I haven’t been able to find it a second time. In it, she gave credit for them to a young boy in a hospital she was visiting; I believe his name was Kaden.

Anyway, I thought they were very cute, and decided to post them to my web site.

The hardest part of all this was finding the candy corn; one grocery manager said they only had it available at Halloween. I went to 4 stores before I found it.

turkey 010

Start with a Double Stuffed Oreo, and stick the candy corn in as the tail feathers. Once you have the tail feathers in, you will start needing your glue; I melted 3 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave which is more than enough for a couple dozen turkeys. Just remember, melt the chocolate slowly so you don’t burn it; not more than 20 seconds at a time with stirring in between.

Use a small Peanut Butter cup as the body; dip the top in your “glue” and place it toward the bottom of the tail Oreo. The head is glued on next; it is a Chocolate Malt Ball. The beak is the tip of a candy corn broken off; again, glue it onto the Malt Ball.

At this point, I let the turkey rest for a couple minutes to let the “glue” dry; it seemed fairly solid in the laid down position. Once it seems stable, the bottom/feet of the turkey are dipped in the glue and then pressed into the open Oreo. Giada used some of the double stuffed Oreos as the base, making the turkey stand in snow. I decided to get the mint Oreos so my turkeys are standing in grass.

The one step further that Giada took and I have omitted is that she made some red frosting and piped a wattle on the turkey; I felt that wasn’t necessary, and wasn’t quite in keeping in the assembly of the turkeys where the only help needed from an adult is in melting the chocolate “glue” and keeping it warm. I had to reheat my glue between finishing 13 turkeys, and then mounting them on the grass.