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Sometimes, you have some leftover cake; sometimes, the cake you cooked failed. But in either case, if you have some cake, and want to make a nice dessert, think about a trifle. And of course, you could always just cook a cake planning to make it into a trifle.

I was first introduced to trifles when we were making a birthday cake for Jeff. It was an angel food cake, and for some reason, it didn’t cook right and we had what I thought was a mess, and time to start over. But Marlys said NO. She proceeded to cut the cake up into pieces and make a trifle from cake, whipped cream, and strawberries.

More recently, I have been experimenting with making Ding Dongs. After cutting out the cake circles, there is a lot of cake left over. So I decided to make a trifle. It is chocolate cake, vanilla pudding, strawberries and whip cream.

Basic Trifle Recipe


  • 1 pre-made cake
  • 2 packages of instant pudding (3.4 oz each)
  • 2 lbs fresh fruit or thawed frozen fruit
  • 3/4 cup whipped cream (see Creme Chantilly)
  • 1/3 cup liquid (sherry wine or fruit juice or water)


  1. Prepare the pudding according to its directions.
  2. Mix the drained, prepared fruit with the liquid. Save a few pieces as garnish
  3. Cut the cake into cubes about 1 inch on a side.
  4. Place half the cake in the bottom of the trifle bowl.
  5. Drain and layer half the fruit on top of the cake layer.
  6. Top with half of the pudding mixture.
  7. Repeat layering with the rest of the cake, fruit, and pudding
  8. Top with the whipped cream, and garnish with the saved fruit.
  9. Chill well before serving

There are lots of combinations of cake flavors, pudding flavors and fruit that go together well. I have already mentioned angel food cake and strawberries; in that case, Marlys used more whipped cream for the pudding layer. And this trifle is chocolate cake, vanilla pudding and strawberries. Other ideas:

  • Angel Food cake, mixed pineapple, mangoes, papaya, vanilla or lemon pudding and maybe shredded coconut as a garnish.
  • Spice cake, apple pie filling and custard.
  • white or chocolate cake, sliced bananas, vanilla or custard.

I am certain there are some cake and pudding flavors that would go well with blueberries; if you have a suggestion, please send a reply to this posting so others can see it.

Creme Chantilly

Creme Chantilly is your basic whipped cream, with flavoring added. It is a staple for many desserts. I originally got the recipe from the Julia Chile/Simone Beck cook books; I learned a lot of interesting cooking from those books because they lead you step by step. One of my first baking was to make Napoleans, and they were successful; they took me from making the puff pastry all the way to the chocolate dribble across the top.

One interesting aspect of the Creme Chantilly recipe is that after you have finished, and taste the results, you can add more sugar or flavoring to suit your own taste.

Sauces 007

Creme Chantilly


  • 1/2 pint (1 cup chilled whipping cream
  • A chilled 3 quart mixing bowl
  • A chilled wire whip, or chilled blades of an electric mixer
  • 2 Tablespoons sifted confectioners’ sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, or other flavorings*


Pour the cream into the chilled bowl and start beating it at a low speed until it begins to foam. Make certain the beaters are going all around the bowl and lifting the cream as it is whipped. Gradually increase the speed to moderate and continue until the beaters leave a light trace on the surface of the cream.

Continue beating a few seconds more until the cream is a bit stiff and forms peaks. Do NOT beat beyond this stage as the cream will become granular, and begin to turn to butter.

Before serving, fold in the confectioners’ sugar and flavoring. Taste, and if the cream is not sweet enough fold in more sifted confectioners’ sugar.

*Flavorings: if desired, the creme can be flavored with a Tablespoon or two of brandy, rum, or other sweet liquor instead of the vanilla extract.

I can not emphasize enough the need to chill the bowl and beater; I actually put mine in the freezer for 10 minutes to chill it.